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Player Name: Kris
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Other characters currently in-game: Archangel, Sunspot, Quicksilver
Who referred you to the game?: idk you tell me.

Character Name: Joshua Foley aka Elixir

Canon source: Marvel 616

On the surface, Josh has the tendency to be a bit of a personality chameleon; he acts and behaves in ways that are affected by his surroundings/timeline. Deep down, though, he is polite, kind, caring, and a bit insecure with a great deal of mood swings.

When Josh first appeared in the second volume of New Mutants, we see him as a troubled kid; he's bitter, angry, and fully prepared to join a mutant hate group within the Hellfire Club (the Reavers). Josh really doesn't come across as the arrogant golden boy that he is portrayed as during his first few months at Academy X. Even his style was more of the metalhead variety, as he was often seen with piercings and band shirts on. Really, he was your run of the mill rebel teenager until he meets Laurie Collins and heals her after the Reavers have her hurt.

Later after Josh is disowned by his parents and joins the Academy, he finds that he has a hard time fitting in and develops some rejection issues. A lot of the kids there still saw him as a troublemaker and a traitor for dealing with the Reavers, and it makes his stay there unbearable. These events make him feel depressed and angry, and a few times he continued to act out. For example, he took it upon himself to heal an emotionally distraught and comatose Magma and also had an affair with his teacher, Wolfsbane. These two instances showed that Josh has the tendency to not think logically when it comes to his dealings with other people, and he often lets his emotions influence his decisions.

During his time on Dani's New Mutants squad, we see that Josh can be outspoken with his peers when he wants to be as well. Numerous times he's criticized or told off David, Nori, or Sofia when things don't go the way he likes them to. Despite these people warming up to him when the Hellions squad wouldn't, Josh still felt a great deal of difficulty fitting in with them. There's a lot of fighting and petty jealousy going on within the squad, a great deal of which is perpetuated and at the fault of Josh himself. Clearly, he tends to be difficult to get along with at times.

M-Day and the Decimation were a huge and drastic change for Josh. He did not lose his powers, but many of the students at the Academy did and were subsequently murdered by William Stryker. This was only the first in a series of events that caused a complete emotional and mental lapse in Josh. The second came when his lover Laurie was assassinated by a sniper right in front of him, and Josh was so shocked and beside himself that he could not heal her in time and she died. Finally, the third event was Josh using his powers to kill for the first time as a form of retaliation against Stryker. From that point onward, Joshua was no longer outspoken, trying to be social, arrogant, or girl crazy. Instead, he began suffering from a great deal of depression and PTSD, was pretty socially awkward, and distanced himself from his teammates. He's there for them when they need him, but otherwise he's very closed off.

In addition to the mood issues, Josh has developed a great fear of being unable to help his friends and save them; so much death happened that he was unable to stop, and as a result, the idea of failure terrifies him. This is eventually part of the reason he ends up with X-Force. Josh was not on the team with an agenda to kill people, and basically ended up being used by Cyclops much like Laura had been. He was often seen hiding behind teammates on the battefield with a great deal of apprehension about hurting people (he even got in shit from Wolverine for healing the ninjas they were fighting at one point).

In canon, Josh has stuck with the withdrawn, awkward and apprehensive personality up until his last known appearance (X-Force #25). Since I will be taking him from after Necrosha, I will not emphasize much on the bad boy/golden boy personality from early on in Academy X since so much has happened since then. The darker characterization is also a better focal point for me as it differentiates from the other arrogant charmer type guys I have in the game.

And just so I'm not focusing on the negative stuff, I can definitely add in that Josh is still very helpful and loyal to his friends and teammates despite not acting very social. He wants to do what he can to prevent losing more loved ones. He also can't turn down attention (like when Loa offers to make out with him in order to get him to feel better, or when the cuckoos are all attempting to flirt with him at once). During his grieving, Josh also took up meditation and practicing Buddhism, and went all zen on everyone. Calm is better than turning black and killy, at least. Haha

History: Marvel Wikia

- Omega level mutant
- "Biokinesis." Basically Josh has the potential to control any sort of biological matter whatsoever. He can jumpstart mutant powers, secondary mutations, accelerate regeneration, regrow organs and body parts, create the onset of disease and tumours, destroy and kill biological matter with a touch, read DNA sequences and mutate them, and can actually manipulate a person's appearance if he wanted to (change eye colour, hair colour, etc).
- He has a secondary mutation that affects his skin colour. By default he is a shiny gold colour, but when he uses his bio powers for death or destruction, his skin turns a metallic black.
- He has multiple PhD level intellect in human anatomy and medicine. All of Henry McCoy's medical knowledge was downloaded into Josh's brain telepathically and he has instant recall to it.
- He's very athletic and skilled in sports.
- He loves his dang video games and rocks that shit.

- It takes a great deal of concentration to use his powers; the more complex the healing, the longer it takes him to do.
- If Josh uses too much energy on a person, the exertion can render him comatose.
- If Josh reverts to his black form, it is very difficult for him to change back to his gold form. At one point, it even took him days to snap out of it.

Preferred drop-in point: Manhattan please!

What are some of your plans for this character in their new environment?
I wanted to play a healer, for one. All of my other characters are much more in your face and use their powers offensively. Josh is more of a defensive character and is interesting to have around during physical conflicts, if only because it brings about interesting circumstances for the people he interacts with. Secondly, I did want to toss a character into Manhattan and build up some CR there since I am lacking game development in that location! Since Josh will be coming in post-Necrosha, I think it would be fun to explore the ramifications of that since canon has not dealt with him since and left him on a wide open note.

First Person Journal Sample:

Um...hello? I don't really know what's going on here, but this really doesn't look like Genosha anymore.

[A pause, and then Josh sounds a mix between defeated and trying to hide how nervous he is:]

If this is 'cause of the Purifiers again, I've had it. When do people get the sense to just leave you alone? I don't want anything to do with this, so if someone can tell me how to get back that...that would be good. Yeah.

And no more of that shower and prodding stuff because that was just weird.

Third Person Sample:
Here's about four sample threads that took place in the TPH January 2011 4th Wall event


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