May. 13th, 2014

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Short Summary:
"Nori leads some sad X-Men. They kill people sometimes. They also smoke a lot of pot and have sex and then cry about it later."

(Mostly joking, but actually not)

When given the decision to side with Wolverine or Cyclops in the split of the X-Men, Noriko decides that she's had enough of her squad being used as pawns between them and sets up her own faction. First order of business: go and recruit some old allies and get the Academy X gang back together.

Josh goes with Nori without a question. She's never led him astray before and he feels more at home with these friends. They've always had his back and he theirs. Nori, over the years since leaving the X-Men, helped get Josh back some stability--though he can still slide back into that dark, twisty mindset every once and awhile.

Especially when the team's goals became more serious and darker. More about proactive survival. Josh is the team's go-to healer and had to overcome the fears associated with his death touch and disease manipulation. It messes with his head every time he has to use them, but he's getting better and better at dealing with the repercussions thanks to his team's support.

Now in his early 20's, Josh does still have the tendency to fall back into bad habits. Like serial dating and sleeping around. However, to his credit, Josh is much more open about this now and likes to identify as polyamorous and pansexual. His relationships with his friends, while loyal and long-lasting, tend to go through a lot of ups and downs thanks to his moods and impulsive nature.

Tweaks to Josh's canon background:
- Cyclops' X-Force never happened.
- Necrosha never happened.
- After obtaining medical knowledge from Hank McCoy, Josh went a little unstable in the head for awhile trying to adjust to all of the new sensations and intellect. It was a lot for him to take in and it set off several long months of experimenting and self reflection.
- While Josh is interested in zen Buddhism, but doesn't consider himself a practicing Buddhist. He did get into the meditation, the yoga, and dabbled into some of the (western) tantra.
- Has reconciled with Dani over the years and they have a good relationship now; he sometimes even calls her mom.


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